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Happy 47th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Kylie Minogue.  She turns 47 this year.  Beautiful, Amazing, and Inspiring.  We look forward to an amazing year with new music, performances, and experiences.

More on this story... by UltimateKylie on 28.05.2015

Right Here, Right Now

Kylie is back with an amazing disco sound thanks to Giorgio Moroder.  Released as a single and featured on his 74 Is the New 24 album, Right Here, Right Now is an uplifting disco beat from the man be...

More on this story... by UltimateKylie on 30.01.2015

Outstanding Kiss

Kylie Minogue wowed on the European leg of her Kiss Me Once Tour.  Fans were certianly impressed with her presence, personality, and performances.  Critics lauded the energy, charisma, and glamour.

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