Kylie continues to suprise us in this week's chart with the suprise entrance of Wow into the UK's singles chart at #32 based off downloads alone.  The single will be released officially in February but got attention after her performance on X-Factor.  Her album continues to sell in the UK rising slightly this week and with total chart eligable sales of over 260,000 in the four weeks of being on sale in the UK.  These sales figures do not include exports.  Otherwise the charts were mixed with a continued downward trend.

United Kingdom:
#18 Official Albums Chart (Week 4)
#26 Official Singles Chart (Week 7) 2 Hearts
#32 Official Singles Chart (Week 1) Wow

#16 ARIA Digital Track (Week 7)
#18 ARIA Singles Chart (Week 6)
#19 ARIA Albums Chart (Week 4)

#7 Singles Chart (Week 5)

#10 Singles Chart (Week 5)
#24 Albums Chart (Week 3)

#13 Single Chart (Week 6)

#16 Singles Chart (Week 5)
#70 Albums Chart (Week 3)

#31 Singles Chart (Week 5)
#66 Albums Charts (Week 3)

#32 Singles Chart (Week 5)
#62 Albums Chart (Week 3)

#37 Singles Chart (Week 7)
#49 Albums Chart (Week 3)

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