Fly Kylie Minogue's Chart Update is back in 2008 showing good chart positions in Greece rising to all time high with 2 Hearts and X falling from #1 on last weeks International Albums Chart.  Kylie will bring her KylieX2008 tour to Athens in May.  Worldwide Kylie continued to drop, however more television promo is expected as the second single is to be released in February.  She will be on TV in Australia on Jan 14th on Channel 7 on the Sunrise programme.  In addition Wow has started and will continue to hit radio stations in the UK & Australia.  Lastly, X will be released in the US in February and Kylie is expected to visit the US to promote the album as well as picking up an award in Los Angeles for her part in promoting Australia abroad.

United Kingdom:
#22 Official Singles Chart (Week 9) : 2 Hearts
#29 Official Albums Chart (Week 6)
#43 Official Singles Chart (Week 3) : Wow

#28 ARIA Singles Chart (Week 8)
#31 ARIA Digital Track (Week 9)
#40 ARIA Albums Chart (Week 6)

#2 International Albums Chart (Week 4)
#11 Singles Chart (Week 5)
#23 Albums Chart (Week 4)

#9 Singles Chart (Week 7)

#40 Single Chart (Week 9)
#44 Albums Chart (Week 6)

#47 Singles Chart (Week 9)
#60 Albums Chart (Week 5)