The Kylie Interview is coming to America!  The interview with Cat Deely talks about Kylie's life after cancer and her plans for the future.  It was originally aired on SkyOne in the UK on July 16th 2006.  On Saturday, September 9th 2006 at 10pm Eastern and Pacific, American viewers will be able to watch a Kylie Special featuring excerpts from Showgirl in London followed by Kylie: The Interview.

Showgirl was recorded in London on May 7th 2005, shortly before the announcement of breast cancer on May 17th 2005.  The full concert is close to two hours, however BBC America will only be airing an hour which includes adverts, so many parts will obviously be cut.   However, Showgirl is available on DVD.   Showgirl Homecoming will be altered from Showgirl 2005 including all new outfits.

For more information about the Interview and special clips, please visit BBC America.