Kylie Fever has arrived again! It was less than a week after Kylie's interview on SkyOne in the UK and the surprise announcement of her tour coming back to London. Tickets for January 2nd & 3rd 2007 went on sale Friday 09:00, July 21st. The tickets sold out in 6 Minutes! I couldn't beleive it... I tried to log onto but a 404 error came back. When I finally logged on, the dates were sold out!

In a resumption of her Showgirl Tour, now called Showgirl Homecoming Tour, she is touring her home countries: the UK and Australia. She had already toured the UK and Europe last year before the shock of cancer caused her to postpone the tour. Her interview was meant to close the past and continue the future, as thousands of Kylie fans shed tears of joy. Kylie Fever had fallen. With less than a week's notice to Kylie fans, they stormed the phones and internet sites. At 10:00 because of the demand, January 5th & 6th were added at London's Wembley Arena seating almost 15,000 people. Later in the day the 8th & 9th were added for 6 dates in total in London. This was in addition to 20 Australian Dates in November and December 2006.

Kylie was overwhelmed writing on, "I wanted to let you all know that I am totally overwhelmed by the ticket sales today for my Wembley shows in January. Thank you all so much for your loyalty and make sure and have your dancing shoes ready for the concerts, love to you all."

Showgirl Homecoming Tour:

Sydney Entertainment Centre
Saturday 11 November 2006
Sunday 12 November 2006
Tuesday 14 November 2006

Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Friday 17 November 2006
Saturday 18 November 2006
Monday 20 November 2006

Acer Arena, Sydney (formerly SuperDome)
Thursday 23 November 2006
Friday 24 November 2006
Sunday 26 November 2006

Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Thur 30 November 2006
Fri 01 December 2006

Perth Burswood Dome
Monday 04 December 2006
Tuesday 05 December 2006
Thursday 07 December 2006

Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Sunday 10 December 2006
Monday 11 December 2006
Wednesday 13 December 2006
Thursday 14 December 2006
Saturday 16 December 2006
Sunday 17 December 2006

Wembley Arena, London UK
Tuesday 02 January 2007
Wednesday 03 January 2007
Friday 05 January 2007
Saturday 06 January 2007
Monday 08 January 2007
Tuesday 09 January 2007

Manchester Arena
Friday 12 January 2007
Saturday 13 January 2007
Monday 15 January 2007
Tuesday 16 January 2007
Thursady 18 January 2007
Friday 19 January 2007

If you hold Australian Tickets for Kylie Showgirl 2005 (Postponed) see our article Kylie Showgirl Homecoming Tour to see what date your tickets are valid for.