Kylie Minogue is feeling good, having the time of her life.  She said, "I feel like a princess perched on top of an enormous tiered, iced cake, but if it weren't for the crew there would be no cake. I like that aspect of touring, being part of something that is a group effort."

You can continue to experience the best tour of 2006 in 2007 with 13 more shows in UK and a grand entrance into 2007 with the Kylie New Years Eve Show!  On January 8th 2007, Showgirl Homecoming Live 2CD becomes released in the UK and you can take the magic home along with her new track 'White Diamonds'!  UK residents can get it for 8.99 from Showgirl Homecoming Live or internationally with free shipping at $17.95 from CD WOW: Showgirl Homecoming Live.

From we wish you a Happy New Year!!

Kylie Minogue : Showgirl Homecoming Live

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