Kylie received an award from Wembley Arena, the UK’s flagship venue, for an outstanding comeback with 7 sold out shows!  She also joins Madonna, who attended the last London show, in putting her handprint on the Wembley Square of Fame.  She said, "It was an honour to be asked to leave my handprints on Wembley's Square of Fame and it was a thrill to see the final result in bronze."

Kylie Minogue was also announced by Glamour as the best dressed female.  Madame Tussuads made a forth waxworth model of Kylie scented with her darling perfume, making Kylie the most modeled woman after the Queen.  Kylie was also name the greatest gay icon this week.

Kylie continues her Showgirl Homecoming Live tour with 6 shows in Manchester, and you can experience the show with the new Showgirl Homecoming Live 2CD. reviewed it saying, “Kylie manages to glide through it all with the kind of sass and style you'd expect from a reborn 21st Century Queen Of Pop.”

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