Kylie revealed today further information about several projects she is working on.  Currently in New York, Kylie met Blossom Dearie who was an inspiration to Kylie.  Blossom Dearie is a Jazz Musician that had inspired two tracks called "I'm Hip" and "Are You There" which will be featured as the soundtrack to a new documentary film from Kylie.  'White Diamond', as the film is called, covers Kylie preparing to tour for Showgirl Homecoming and her actually touring in late 2006 and early 2007.  Kylie promised to let fans know as soon as a firm release date was confirmed.

Kylie continues to work on her tenth studio album and hopes to release it this year.  She said, "Work on my next studio album is coming along nicely. So many of you have asked 'When will it be out?', and my answer is, as soon as it's ready, though I hope it will be later this year. It is so important for me to get it right, hence so much travel and experimentation."

Kylie also further mentioned a musical film she was working on including her learning the tango while in South America.

It is an exciting time to be a Kylie fan, and we were glad to here some exciting news straight from her!

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