Here is the latest scoop on the White Diamond Documentary and screenings across the globe.  Tickets are now on sale at the Vue West End Theatre in London where Kylie herself will be attendind.  You can order tickets by telephone in the UK at 08712 240 240 or by clicking here.  In total there are 38 cinemas showing the film across the UK on October 16th.  In addition you can also view the film if you are down under with screenings on the 19th of October.

White Diamond will also be released on DVD on December 10th 2007 and will come as a double DVD with Showgirl Homecoming.

Taking an intimate view of Kylie following her cancer battle, White Diamond will dive behind the scenes as Kylie perpares for her global Showgirl Homecomg comeback.  From planning to rehersals, to interviews about her hopes and fears.  White Diamond will take you on her journey to Australia and the UK in High Definition and stunning 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound.


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