Kylie Minogue is out promoting her new single 2 Hearts and album X.  This weekend the spectacular 'The Kylie Show' aired in the UK & Ireland bringing in 5 million viewers.  It was a show that showcased new material and old hits promoting 20 Years of Kylie!

Based on old television shows such as Sonny & Cher, The Kylie Show included hillarious comedy sketches with Simon Cowell getting a punch in the face, memories of Charlene from Neighbors, and Kylie as a dramaqueen.


  1. Can't Get You Out of My Head
  2. 2 Hearts *
  3. Tears On My Pillow
  4. Wow *
  5. No More Rain *
  6. Got To Be Certain
  7. The One *
  8. I Believe In You
  9. Sensitized *
  10. Cosmic *

* Tracks featured on X