• The Kylie Show

    Kylie Minogue is out promoting her new single 2 Hearts and album X.  This weekend the spectacular 'The Kylie Show' aired in the UK & Ireland bringing in 5 million viewers.  It was a show that showcased new material and old hits promoting 20 Years of Kylie!

  • X on 26.Nov.2007

    Put an X on your calendars, mark November 26th 2007 as the big day.  Kylie Minogue's brand new album will arrive!  The title is simple and refreshing, it is 'X'.  'X' means many things, foremost it is the number 10 and this is Kylie's 10th studio album.  Secondly, Kylie always fondly signs her autographs and messages to fan with a simple Kylie X.

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