• All I See in America

    All I See has now been released digitally as Kylie Minogue's first US Single for her album X.  You can download the song from iTunes and Zune Marketplace.  In addition you can also start requesting the song on radio.

  • BBC America: The Kylie Interview

    The Kylie Interview is coming to America!  The interview with Cat Deely talks about Kylie's life after cancer and her plans for the future.  It was originally aired on SkyOne in the UK on July 16th 2006.  On Saturday, September 9th 2006 at 10pm Eastern and Pacific, American viewers will be able to watch a Kylie Special featuring excerpts from Showgirl in London followed by Kylie: The Interview.

  • Kylie performs All I See

    Kylie Minogue performed All I See on Dancing With the Stars last night to an estimated audience of 20 million in the US.  She wore a red dress and blonde wig for All I See and a more provactive police style outfit for her biggest hit Can't Get You Out of My Head.  Fly Kylie Minogue has both songs available for viewing below.  In addition Extra TV has a fabulous after performance interview with Kylie on their website:  Extra TV: Dancing with Kylie.

  • Kylie to appear on US TV

    Kylie Minogue is to appear on American television to promote her album X.  She starts off with an interview with Matt Lauer on NBC's Today Show on the 31st at 8:30 AM ET.  Then on April 1st as X is released in the US she performs on ABC's Dancing With the Stars.  On April 3rd she will perform All I See again on Ellen Degeneres which shows on NBC.