• Kylie is Queen

    Kylie Minogue's 2007 Calendar is the number one female calendar in the UK.  Kylie is the official Queen of the calendar sales for the last 5 years, with each years calendar topping that years sales list.

  • Kylie's Launch

    Pop sensation Kylie Minogue is just hours away from the launch of her Showgirl Homecoming Tour in Sydney.  However, its not the only launch to get excited about, as Kylie has also launched her own perfume called Darling.  In September she had launched her first book entitled Showgirl Princess.

  • Sweet Darling

    Kylie Minogue is to launch a new permanent addition to her perfume line.  It follows the extreme success of her perfume Darling which had the best launch ever of any celebrity perfume in the UK and Australia.