• BBC America: The Kylie Interview

    The Kylie Interview is coming to America!  The interview with Cat Deely talks about Kylie's life after cancer and her plans for the future.  It was originally aired on SkyOne in the UK on July 16th 2006.  On Saturday, September 9th 2006 at 10pm Eastern and Pacific, American viewers will be able to watch a Kylie Special featuring excerpts from Showgirl in London followed by Kylie: The Interview.

  • SKY Exclusive Interview

    SKY TV will air an exclusive Kylie interview in July. In an interview with Cat Deeley, Kylie will talk about overcoming cancer and her plans for the future! Kylie.com has reported there will be some surprise announcements in the interview!

  • Week at Wembley

    Kylie has announced in her interview on SkyOne that she will bring her tour to Wembley London in January 2007. Kylie announced, "Its On, November and December in Australia. And for many reasons I'm gonna come back to London and do a week at Wembley in January"