• Dancing

    The Golden era starts this Friday, January 19th 2018 with the release of Dancing.  Kylie Minogue returns with a catchy tune, that will get you dancing, to help launch what is labeled her most personal album to date.

  • Download Dancing

    Dancing, the first single from Golden, is available to download. You can also preorder Golden, her 14th studio album, today!

  • Download X & Singles

    Download Kylie Minogue's latest singles and her album XIn My Arms and Wow bundles are now available including fabulous b-sides (Carried Away, Do It Again, Cherry Bomb) and amazing remixes.  Downloading this week can help Kylie chart higher as Wow is released in Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.  In My Arms is released across Europe.

  • Even More Dates

    Kylie performs 2 HeartsKylie will be touring even more countries in 2008 with the addition of Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Romania, and Russia to her KylieX2008 tour.  In addition more UK dates have been added in London and three dates date added in Newcastle upon Tyne.

  • Flower

    Kylie Minogue is set to release Flower on September 25th.  The song, which is co-written by Kylie and Steve Anderson, first debuted at her X2008 concerts and has never been released beyond the live version on that tour.

  • Golden

    Golden is Kylie's 14th studio album. To be released April 6th 2018.

  • Golden Released

    Kylie's 14th studio album has been released. Golden is now available to download and purchase worldwide.

  • H&M Loves Kylie

    H&M have launched their new summer campaign, an Australian themed tribute to Kylie Minogue.  Kylie, the Ultimate Showgirl, is to have her own swimwear line at H&M.  "It has been a great experience to work with H&M on creating this summer range. To me it is all about summer indulgence, effortless chic and lots of fun!" says Kylie.

  • H&M Promotes Kylie

    H&M Loves Kylie is proving to be a huge success, especially in terms of promotion.  Huge adverts in New York, Toronto, London, and around the H&M World are showing Kylie's fresh look to everyone.  Reports from fans also suggest the H&M Loves Kylie line is flying of the shelf.  H&M Love Kylie continues to be on sale at H&M Stores everywhere.  Keep a look out for exclusive promotional items such as H&M Kylie Water that popped up in Europe.

  • Happy Birthday

    Kylie Minogue celebrates her golden birthday today!

  • Happy Birthday Kylie

    May 28th is Kylie's Birthday!  Turning 39 this year, 2007 also marks 20 years since Kylie first started with 'Locomotion' in Australia!  Happy Birthday Kylie, we look forward to an exciting year!

    In addition FlyKM is proud to announce your chance to win Kylie's 10th studio album... To read more and to participate click here! Editors Note: The competition is now closed.

  • Happy Birthday Kylie

    Happy Birthday to our favourite, Kylie Ann Minogue OBE! This past year saw her continued success with her Christmas album and sold out shows at The Royal Albert Hall. Speaking of royals, Kylie had the opportunity to meet most of The Royal Family again when she was awarded the Britain Australia Society Award in early April.

  • Idol: Kylie

    Kylie has won the 2007 Q Idol award at an award ceremony in London.  Minogue took the award for her brave fight against cancer and her triumphant return to performing during Showgirl Homecoming.

  • Kylie adds Manchester

    Kylie Minogue has added two dates in Manchester. They will be the last dates in the Showgirl Homecoming Tour as Kylie has announced that she has commitments elsewhere! It is expected to Kylie's last live shows for 2007.

  • Kylie Announces New 2008 Tour!

    Kylie has announced that she will go on tour in 2008 with new material from her album X.  The tour is being described as fresh and innovative, different to her last tours.  It will be called 'KYLIEX2008' and opens May 6th in Paris, France.  UK Tickest go on sale Monday December 3rd from 9AM from Kylie.com (0871 230 1087).  European ticket sales information will be announced.

  • Kylie appears on NBC Today

    Kylie Minogue has started her promotional tour for the US ahead of her album release tomorrow.  Her first appereance was on NBC's Today Show with an interview with Matt Lauer.  Introduced as a Global Phenomenon and a Pop Icon, Matt Lauer talked about her international fame and played snippets of old and new music.  It was her first US Interview since her battle with breast cancer, with Kylie giving advice about rising above it.  The showed clips of both Showgirl and Homecoming together with the documentary White Diamond that showed her return to stage.

  • Kylie Christmas

    Kylie Minogue is set to release a Christmas ablum aptly titled Kylie Christmas.  Kylie Christmas contains classic covers as well as original material which is sure to delight during the festive season.  The album is released November 13th.

  • Kylie Exhibition

    Kylie Minouge launched her exhibition in London this week, to a cheering croud!  The exhibition opened in London after a succesful run in Melbourne, Australia.  Admission is free, but there are record advance bookings.   The exhibition runs from the 8th of Febuary to the 10th of June 2007.

  • Kylie Fever!

    Kylie Fever has arrived again! It was less than a week after Kylie's interview on SkyOne in the UK and the surprise announcement of her tour coming back to London. Tickets for January 2nd & 3rd 2007 went on sale Friday 09:00, July 21st. The tickets sold out in 6 Minutes! I couldn't beleive it... I tried to log onto bookingsdirect.com but a 404 error came back. When I finally logged on, the dates were sold out!

  • Kylie Forever

    Kylie Minogue has been forever immortalised in bronze.  The statue is at Melbourne's Waterfront City and took 3 months to complete.  It graces the Docklands "Walk of Fame."  The statue has a lace body stocking and red heels, and was created by sculptor Peter Corlett.

    A similar statue has been planned for London's Old Compton Street, a popular for its gay nightlife.

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