• KylieX2008 is almost here...

    Ticket sales are over half a million, the tour is costing an unprecedented 10 million pounds to stage.  They have been in rehearsals, Kylie, 14 dancers, and an all new band featuring brass.  Jean Paul Gualtier has been busy making 7 outfits for Kylie.  But its all coming to a close now, as KylieX2008 is almost here starting May 6th in Paris.

  • Lead Single Chosen

    Kylie Minogue is set to release her fourteenth studio album early next year. Reliable sources have indicated that the lead single has now been chosen.

  • More Feathers!

    Kylie promises more feathers in Showgirl Homecoming according to Kylie.com, and I'm sure it will be Feathers Spectacular from Lido of Paris!  Designer John Galliano created Showgirl's amazing blue feather corset, and will be created two new outfits for Showgirl Homecoming. 

  • More KylieX2008 Dates

    Additional dates have been added to Kylie's 2008 Tour.  Seven shows have been added due to high demand in the United Kingdom with nearly all existing dates selling out.  In addition there are rumours that a show is being planned for June 3rd in Madrid, Spain after her suprise #1 debut with 2 Hearts.

  • MSN Showgirl Webcast

    Kylie Minogue is coming to a computer near you!  On Wednesday, January 24th at 2PM ET/11AM PT MSN Music will present Showgirl Homecoming Live recorded in Melbourne, Australia on December the 11th 2006.  The event is presented by Control Room Music, a US-based organisation bringing Live music to fans, whenever and wherever they want to see it.   For more information and to tune in visit MSN Music: Kylie Minogue.

  • Nobel Peace Prize

    Kylie Minogue will be performing in Oslo, Norway on December 11th for the Nobel Peace concert.  The concert will take place a day after the award ceremony in which Al Gore and the UN Climate Change Panel will receive this years award.  Joining her for the event will be Alicia Keyes, Annie Lennox, and Melissa Ethridge.  The event will be seen in over 100 countries on television.

  • Queen honours Kylie

    Kylie Minogue has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth II in the traditional New Year's list.  Kylie is now an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).  She is being honoured for her contribution to music and brave fight against cancer.  Kylie commented, "I am almost as surprised as I am honoured to be awarded an OBE by Her Majesty The Queen."

  • Rumour: Additional Manchester Dates!

    Rumour has it that Kylie Minogue will add additional dates in Manchester after the first two dates sell out this Friday, August 25th. When her two London dates went on sale they sold out in 6 minutes, which resulted in four more nights being added.

  • Showgirl Homecoming 'Best Show Production'

    Kylie Minogue has won an award for her comeback concerts.  The 'Showgirl Homecoming' Tour in 2006 and 2007 won Best Show Production at the Vodafone Live Music Awards.

  • Showgirl Homecoming Live

    Kylie Minogue is feeling good, having the time of her life.  She said, "I feel like a princess perched on top of an enormous tiered, iced cake, but if it weren't for the crew there would be no cake. I like that aspect of touring, being part of something that is a group effort."

  • Showgirl Homecoming on DVD

    White Diamond & Showgirl Homecoming are now out on a Double Disc DVD.  The show was filmed in Melboune, Australia on December 11th 2006, with the documentary being filmed from August 2006 until completition of the tour in January 2007.  The intimate and upclose documentary follows the preperations for the tour and the hickups of touring.

  • Showgirl Homecoming Tour

    The news we have all been waiting for! Frontier Touring has released the dates for Kylie's Australian Showgirl tour. They have called it the most anticipated tour in Australian history, and rightfully so! Ticked holders for the original Showgirl Tour will be able to use their old tickets to enter the venue on the new dates for the Showgirl Homecoming Tour! Less than 25% of tickets will go on sale on Wednesday 19th July, and demand is expect to be high.

  • Showgirl Princess

    Kylie Minogue's 'The Showgirl Princess' has been released.  A fairytale story for children, it talks about Kylie becoming a Showgirl Princess with the help of her team.  The books shows a positive message to kids, as well as adults, showing that friendship, confidence, and teamwork are important.

  • SKY Exclusive Interview

    SKY TV will air an exclusive Kylie interview in July. In an interview with Cat Deeley, Kylie will talk about overcoming cancer and her plans for the future! Kylie.com has reported there will be some surprise announcements in the interview!

  • Special Edition Kylie Vogue!

    The end of this year is all about Kylie's return.  The showgirl returns, only days away is her return to stage on November 11th.  But there is also her return to the public and the front cover of magazines.  To this, Kylie Minogue is guest editing the December issue of Vogue Australia.  The magazine which hits the stores November 1st includes a frank interview and letter to readers from Kylie.

  • Sweet Darling

    Kylie Minogue is to launch a new permanent addition to her perfume line.  It follows the extreme success of her perfume Darling which had the best launch ever of any celebrity perfume in the UK and Australia.

  • Week at Wembley

    Kylie has announced in her interview on SkyOne that she will bring her tour to Wembley London in January 2007. Kylie announced, "Its On, November and December in Australia. And for many reasons I'm gonna come back to London and do a week at Wembley in January"

  • Welcome Back Kylie!

    Kylie Minogue is back, having now performed two shows in Sydney, Australia.  She is set to perform 18 more this year in her native Australia, then 12 in the UK next year.   Not only is Kylie back performing, but her Ultimate Kylie album released in December 2004 is back in the Australian Charts (ARIA) at number 8.

  • White Diamond Premiere!

    Kylie Minogue is giving fans a chance to see the White Diamond documentary premiere exclusively at Vue West End, Leicester Square, London.  In addition footage from the premiere will be shown across the UK at select Vue Theatre locations including White Diamond.

  • White Diamond Update

    Here is the latest scoop on the White Diamond Documentary and screenings across the globe.  Tickets are now on sale at the Vue West End Theatre in London where Kylie herself will be attendind.  You can order tickets by telephone in the UK at 08712 240 240 or by clicking here.  In total there are 38 cinemas showing the film across the UK on October 16th.  In addition you can also view the film if you are down under with screenings on the 19th of October.

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