• Woman of the Year!

    Kylie has been named Glamour Woman of the Year at a ceremony in London. Kylie who was unable to attend left a message of thanks. She said: "The last year has been my least public but, in many ways, the most. Your support has been an enormous help and I hope to be back with you all in person very soon."

  • Wow

    It is the song that has already hit the top 40 in the UK but it won't be hitting stores until February 15 in Australia or the 18th in the UK.  Based on Kylie's performance on the UK's X Factor the song entered the charts at #32 in December 2007 and is now at #29 based on digital downloads of the track.  In fact, BBC Radio 2 has named it the single of the week for next week.  Kylie is currently in Los Angeles recording the video to the song.

  • X is Out!

    Kylie Minogue's 10th studio album has landed and you can pick your copy of the fabulous diverse album from our FlyKM Shop or your local music sellers.  The Album is out worldwide with the excpetion of America which should expect the album in February.  Already the copies have been flying off the shelves.  Kylie signed copies in Paris at launch and Woolworth's in the UK has placed the album at #1 instore.  Reports from Australia suggest the album should debut at #1 next week.

  • X on 26.Nov.2007

    Put an X on your calendars, mark November 26th 2007 as the big day.  Kylie Minogue's brand new album will arrive!  The title is simple and refreshing, it is 'X'.  'X' means many things, foremost it is the number 10 and this is Kylie's 10th studio album.  Secondly, Kylie always fondly signs her autographs and messages to fan with a simple Kylie X.

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