• Even More Dates

    Kylie performs 2 HeartsKylie will be touring even more countries in 2008 with the addition of Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Romania, and Russia to her KylieX2008 tour.  In addition more UK dates have been added in London and three dates date added in Newcastle upon Tyne.

  • Kylie Announces New 2008 Tour!

    Kylie has announced that she will go on tour in 2008 with new material from her album X.  The tour is being described as fresh and innovative, different to her last tours.  It will be called 'KYLIEX2008' and opens May 6th in Paris, France.  UK Tickest go on sale Monday December 3rd from 9AM from Kylie.com (0871 230 1087).  European ticket sales information will be announced.

  • Kylie keeps adding dates

    Kylie Minogue keeps adding dates to her in demand KylieX2008 tour.  Dates have been added in London, Manchester, and Newcastle upon Tyne.  In addition new dates have been announced over the past few weeks including Instanbul, Turkey and Madrid, Spain.  Tickets are on sale now.

  • KylieX2008 is almost here...

    Ticket sales are over half a million, the tour is costing an unprecedented 10 million pounds to stage.  They have been in rehearsals, Kylie, 14 dancers, and an all new band featuring brass.  Jean Paul Gualtier has been busy making 7 outfits for Kylie.  But its all coming to a close now, as KylieX2008 is almost here starting May 6th in Paris.

  • More KylieX2008 Dates

    Additional dates have been added to Kylie's 2008 Tour.  Seven shows have been added due to high demand in the United Kingdom with nearly all existing dates selling out.  In addition there are rumours that a show is being planned for June 3rd in Madrid, Spain after her suprise #1 debut with 2 Hearts.