• BBC America: The Kylie Interview

    The Kylie Interview is coming to America!  The interview with Cat Deely talks about Kylie's life after cancer and her plans for the future.  It was originally aired on SkyOne in the UK on July 16th 2006.  On Saturday, September 9th 2006 at 10pm Eastern and Pacific, American viewers will be able to watch a Kylie Special featuring excerpts from Showgirl in London followed by Kylie: The Interview.

  • Kylie Nominated for 2006 ARIA

    Showgirl - The Greatest Hits Tour DVD has been nominated for a 2006 ARIA Award in the category of Best Music DVD.   The ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Awards 2006 will be held in Sydney at the Acer Arena on October 29th 2006.  Excluding this nomination, Kylie Minogue has been nominated 34 times in ARIA History, and won an award 16 times. 

  • More Feathers!

    Kylie promises more feathers in Showgirl Homecoming according to Kylie.com, and I'm sure it will be Feathers Spectacular from Lido of Paris!  Designer John Galliano created Showgirl's amazing blue feather corset, and will be created two new outfits for Showgirl Homecoming.