• Chart Update 03.Mar.2008

    FlyKM's first chart update in March.  In My Arms charts in Germany & Switzerland and rises in their airplay charts.  Wow holds to #5 in the UK and rises in the UK's airplay chart.  Overall a good week.  Continue to request Wow or In My Arms on radio!

  • Chart Update 04.Feb.2008

    Kylie Minogue rises this week in the UK and Ireland with both her album X and single Wow.  There are still about two weeks before the single is released in the US, UK, Ireland, and Australia.  The rest of the world will get In My Arms at the same time and we probably won't see them on the charts until then.  Continue to request Wow or In My Arms on radio!

  • Chart Update 07.Jan.2008

    Fly Kylie Minogue's Chart Update is back in 2008 showing good chart positions in Greece rising to all time high with 2 Hearts and X falling from #1 on last weeks International Albums Chart.  Kylie will bring her KylieX2008 tour to Athens in May.  Worldwide Kylie continued to drop, however more television promo is expected as the second single is to be released in February.  She will be on TV in Australia on Jan 14th on Channel 7 on the Sunrise programme.  In addition Wow has started and will continue to hit radio stations in the UK & Australia.  Lastly, X will be released in the US in February and Kylie is expected to visit the US to promote the album as well as picking up an award in Los Angeles for her part in promoting Australia abroad.

  • Chart Update 11.Feb.2008

    Great rises for Kylie Minogue this week.  In addition the Wow enters the Australia Digital Charts as about one week is left until the release of the single.  Australia also got The Kylie Show on TV which no doubt helped the charts there.  Israel's only single chart, the radio airplay chart places In My Arms at #5 this week.  Continue to request Wow or In My Arms on radio!

  • Chart Update 14.Jan.2008

    Kylie Minogue's next single Wow is in full gear on the radio hitting #14 on the UK Airplay Chart.  It also rose on the Official Singles Chart backed soley on downloads, the physical release is not until February.  2 Hearts continues to linger, rising in Spain, Sweden, & Denmark.  In Norway in returned to the charts for its seventh week.

  • Chart Update 18.Feb.2008

    Kylie's latest singles are now released including remix bundles available for download.  The charts are mixed this week but we should see a rise next week including hopefully new countries on the chart as the physical singles make their impact as well as the remixes.  Continue to request Wow or In My Arms on radio!

  • Chart Update 21.Jan.2008

    Wow is here and rising, it debuted this week on the Irish charts at #36 and rose to #27 in the UK.  You can also see the effect on the album charts in Australia & the UK with X rising in both countries.  In Ireland the Album has remained at #44 for three weeks now.  Overall Wow seems to have megahit written all over it, as all charts are based on downloads of the album track.  In February expect physical releases along with amazing remixes available for download which could propel this track to #1.

  • Chart Update 24.Dec.2007

    Kylie continues to suprise us in this week's chart with the suprise entrance of Wow into the UK's singles chart at #32 based off downloads alone.  The single will be released officially in February but got attention after her performance on X-Factor.  Her album continues to sell in the UK rising slightly this week and with total chart eligable sales of over 260,000 in the four weeks of being on sale in the UK.  These sales figures do not include exports.  Otherwise the charts were mixed with a continued downward trend.

  • Chart Update 25.Feb.2008

    Kylie rises in this weeks chart update after the release of physical singles for Wow & In My Arms last week.  Her performance of Wow at the Brit Awards also helped visibily in the UK, especially after picking up an award.  Continue to request Wow or In My Arms on radio!

  • Chart Update 28.Jan.2008

    Kylie Minogue's next single Wow continues to rise this week in the UK and Ireland.  Promotion is in full gear for In My Arms (the European Single) as well with a fabulous performance on NRJ in France.  Expect the charts to be low for X until Wow & In My Arms come out in the middle of February.  2 Hearts is suprisingly holding on but should drop out of the picture as radio is now focused on the second singles for X.

  • Chart Update 31.Dec.2007

    The last chart update of 2007, Kylie moves upwards in the UK & Ireland but drops everywhere else.  Some chart's websites were not updated due to the holidays and were not included.  Also to note is Wow climbing in the UK as well as 2 Hearts as X has now sold over 300,000 copies in the UK.

  • Download X & Singles

    Download Kylie Minogue's latest singles and her album XIn My Arms and Wow bundles are now available including fabulous b-sides (Carried Away, Do It Again, Cherry Bomb) and amazing remixes.  Downloading this week can help Kylie chart higher as Wow is released in Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.  In My Arms is released across Europe.

  • Wow

    It is the song that has already hit the top 40 in the UK but it won't be hitting stores until February 15 in Australia or the 18th in the UK.  Based on Kylie's performance on the UK's X Factor the song entered the charts at #32 in December 2007 and is now at #29 based on digital downloads of the track.  In fact, BBC Radio 2 has named it the single of the week for next week.  Kylie is currently in Los Angeles recording the video to the song.