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TOPIC: Customized Cartoon Christmas Placemats, orbluestoe

Customized Cartoon Christmas Placemats, orbluestoe 19 Jun 2021 08:04 #27451

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Vikki Tubie, a talented animation graduate from CCS, has been busy doing lots of finishing touches on the Flip project, steadying and doing additional dust-busting. Becca Smith, a two year Thunderbean veteren, finished a film today as well, and our own Devon Baxter is putting the finishing touches on Jailbirds. The last Flip elements from the European archives are showing up Friday, some elements from fellow Blu-ray producer Tommy Stathes are showing up this week,The Library of Congress is scanning a few soundtracks and a title from a German print of Bulloney and yesterday I scanned a very special print of Coo Coo the Magician.

As for what’s next for Death Battle, that would be a break of sorts. They’re off until September, but in the gap in between the returning DBX will fill up the void. However, they did tease a shocking entrant for the next fight when it returns.

If the effects look familiar, it’s because the same animation studio that handled the Castlevania anime (Powerhouse) made this one too. And the voices are as top-quality as the animation: Chris Wood is He-Man, Mark Hamill is Skeletor, Lena Headey is Evil-Lyn, Srah Michelle Gellar is Teela, Liam Cunningham is Man-At-Arms, Stephen Root is Cringer / Battle Cat, Henry Rollins is Tri-Clops, Phil LaMarr is He-Ro, Kevin Michael Richardson is Beast Man, Kevin Conroy is Mer-Man, and most importantly, Jason Mewes is Stinkor.

Maybe if Inside Job turns out to be really great, Takeuchi will become an industry superstar too, and she’ll serve as EP of a series that someone else created and we’ll go “LOOK! It’s a Takeuchi show!” Wouldn’t that be cool? Inside Job still has no release date.

I’m Afraid To Come Home In the Dark (2/1/30) – A proto-Binbo sneaks out of a bar in the wee small hours and engages in a fight with his own shadow. The title song was issued by Billy Murray for Victor and Columbia. Victor would issue a second version by Clarice Vance. Collins and Harlan would record a cylinder version (label unknown). Bob Roberts cut it for Indestructible Cylinder, Military Band versions included Prince’s Band on Columbia, and the New York Military Band on Edison.Placemats

These are very subtle choices, but collectively along with how the beak, neck, and other parts of the character are drawn, they make the difference in the overall eye appeal of the drawings. It makes me think that perhaps two different Disney artists worked on this advertisement. The brochure illustrations were likely done through the Walt Disney Studios Publicity Production Department, which had created a tremendous amount of ancillary character artwork before, during, and after the WWII period. These brochure illustrations are precisely the type of work that group did and could have been knocked out in a day or even an afternoon by seasoned artists in that department.

Here is a true discovery: note the animation credit given to Ray Patin (!!!). This is Patin’s only credit during his brief time at Warner Bros. and the copyright catalog got it wrong! Perhaps Warner Bros. provided the wrong information in the first place, but copyright entry lists Robert Cannon for animation – and that was transposed into my book, Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies (1989). Cannon did animate on the film – the opening and closing shots in particular – so him being credited isn’t a mistake. But poor Ray Patin’s been denied his WB acknowledgement for almost 80 years.

Customized Cartoon Christmas Placemats
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