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TOPIC: Kylie favourites...

Kylie favourites... 16 Dec 2009 08:35 #25613

Hey there.

Just a question.

Out of every tour/concert Kylie has ever done, what is your favourite song(s), costume(s), stage and over all concert/tour?

My favourite songs would have to the Smiley Kylie/everything Taboo mix from Live in NY with the "slim Lady" bit added, ruffle My Feathers, In Your eyes from X2008 or Better The Devil You Know from the Light Years concert. Oh, and Breathe/Je'Taime from Money Can't buy

Costumes: The gold one from the Light Years Concert. The "Crying Game" Dress, & "Silvanemesis" swarovski crystal bra and skirt from Fever. The Red military dress and the encore outfit from X2008 & the white military dress and ballad dress from The American tour.

Stage: The Kyliefever02 stage. But, The disco Skull from X is my favourite piece of kylie staging EVER! It was hot!!

Overall: Kyliefever - it was, in my opinion, the best tour I've seen.

What do you all think??
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Re: Kylie favourites... 17 Dec 2009 22:55 #25614

Well from For You, For Me, I would have to say my favourite song, dance routine, outfit really was Better Than Today.  Probably because it is a new song, but overall just because I love the direction that song is taking Kylie.

But favourite tour songs.  Really liked Crying Game Medley from Fever.  Speakerphone as well from For You, For Me.  Shocked from Light Years.  No More Rain from X2008.  On A Night Like This/White Diamond from Showgirl/Homecoming.

Custumes.  Favourite all time does have to the Fever opening outfit, the Borg influenced robot design.  Otherwise love the Showgirl feather outfit.  X2008, the red military dress.

My favourite stage is X2008.

My favourite all time tour is For You, For Me: North American Tour.
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Re: Kylie favourites... 27 Nov 2012 18:08 #26431

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Well for me...
favorite song,dance routine,outfit would be Light Years/Turn it into love and the whole Dance of the Cybermen section.

Favorite tour songs...The Cybertronic section from Fever.Kyliesque from Showgirl,love that gold sparkly dress.
Samsara section from Showgirl Homecoming and The birth of Aphrodite section from Aphrodite.

Costumes. The Barbarella inspired outfit from Aphrodite is my favorite and I like the black and silver
bodysuit from Showgirl.

My favorite stage would be Aphrodite either Les Follies or the North American version.

My favorite all time tour would be Aphrodite-100% best Kylie tour ever.(IMO)

I did like alot of what was already mention,so I figure not to repeat them,because there are so many.
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